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Dog Meat Trade Investigation

Dogs of Thailand Video Report 2 (YouTube) looks at the cruelty of illegal butchering for home consumption. CNN iReport

Dogs of Thailand Video Report 3 (YouTube) shows a weekend at the Nakhon Phanom shelter as volunteers try to help more than 2,000 dogs. CNN iReport

Dogs of Thailand Video Report 1 (full film, YouTube) reveals that dogs rescued from the dog meat trade face a precarious future as 3 in 4 die of disease and malnutrition in government shelters. CNN iReport

Shadow Trade, film being made in London about the dog meat trade. Trailer

Shadow Trade article

RICD Wheelchair Project

Video, photography, digital and print work for this amazing project, which takes in mobility aids by the container and tackles disability throughout Thailand. It was recently nominated for a UN Public Service Award.

Volunteer Teacher Thailand


Free English teachers
in poor schools

Web sites

www.laos.co.uk - This site was set up more than 10 years ago to help Laos attract tourists and adventure travellers. Today, it has many visitors.

www.amazingkhaolak.com - This site was set up six years ago to help the area win back its tourist trade after the tsunami on 26 December 2004. Today the tourists are back and the area is thriving with new businesses.


Brothers, Lovers, Killers - a romantic thriller available from the Kindle bookstore for about £1 in your currency. Proceeds from this help support expenses of Volunteer Media Asia. Free reading software for any machine. Kindle link  

Automatically Better - free 260-page book on how to take photographs with impact and meaning. More than 600 photographs illustrate ideas for all types of cameras, including point-and-shoot automatics